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About WCD

Our Mission

Organizations today are operating in a climate of greater demands for corporate responsibility, stricter regulatory oversight, and increasingly borderless markets.  In this era, the WCD Foundation is committed-not just to good governance-but to governance with a global vision.

Smart boards are going global, both in members and in mindset.  WCD is a community of trust for advice, experience, and mutual support-helping boards and search firms identify candidates for new directors, and helping exceptional women secure board and advisory board positions around the world.  Boards need the right leaders to adequately analyze risk, gain the in-depth knowledge of their companies’ operations, and help management see beyond the next quarter.

Through our forums and Institutes, thought leadership, the Global Nominating Commission, chapter meetings, and special projects, WCD strives to educate and enrich our membership community about the challenges facing directors and their companies.  Our members share information and insights in order to put best practices into place and help problem solve these challenges.  The WCD community provides a platform for turning ideas into action-an impact that reaches beyond our membership to the larger world of corporate governance and its stakeholders worldwide.

Who We Are

WCD members are among the world’s most powerful and influential women in business today- the global business elite, who are at the top of their organizations-serving as directors, CEOs, COOs, divisional presidents, and other executive positions.  WCD members are on boards of public and/or large privately held companies, as well as large family businesses.


Susan Stautberg is the Chairman and CEO of the WCD Foundation. KPMG Partners Nancy Calderon and Kapila Anand serve on the board of directors.

Corporate Sponsors

WCD’s sponsors provide deep experience in relevant areas of corporate governance, succession, executive search, finance, accounting, risk management, and other issues.